21st May as a Judgement Day

21st May as a Judgement Day , Judgement Day 21st May 2011,Judgement Day, Judgement Day 2011
There is a lot of news on the media about the upcoming judgment day which is supposedly to fall on 21st of May this year. Whether to believed as a rumor or not, many do tend to actually believe that the mother Earth is going to be destroyed. Natural calamities do occur from time to time. But to associate it with the destruction of earth is completely a hype and hoopla. Flood, famine, earth quakes and other natural calamities occurs frequently in this decade is probably due to global warming. Having said that, if this global warming reaches its pinnacle, someday, that would be the end of human life in this planet. Again, that might take years. All of us, or at least most of us do believe in God. “You do this if you believe in god, you do that if you believe in god”, phrases like this, reported in many websites is a total non sense. So this doesn’t has nothing to do with believing in god or not, like being said at various websites and blogs.

One cannot completely agree or disagree things related to God. There is no harm in being a staunch believer of god, but then, some logical understanding do require before you can actually believe on news like this. Be honest, plant more trees, the earth will save us eventually. With lots of fake rackets and fraudulent activities emerging these days, as a common man whether to trust the authenticity of this news or not poses a big question mark.

On the other hand, media too, feeds us with too much of information right from poverty to political scam regardless of any sensible piece of information. Come what may, what has to happen will happen. Educating people wrongly or posing threat to serene living should never be entertained. Instead of spreading wrong words around the globe, it is wise to wait and watch what happens on this so called judgment day!

Harold camping is a Christian radio broadcaster who receives calls from his listeners asking for meanings about passages in the bible. According to camping the world will see its end on the impending may 21st of this year. He is a civil engineer and does a lot mathematical calculations on the forthcoming doomsday. It is to be noted that he has even predicted incorrect interpretations previously. Having asked about the judgment day, he answered that his 70 years of in depth research and study, and even the incorrect interpretations he had made gave way to this conclusion that is set to happen on this day of 21st may.

There is a lot of speculation that is going rounds over and over the radio, print and visual media. How much of it is true, only god knows. Harold camping believes that those who believe in this will go to heaven and those who don’t are sinners and will eventually stay on earth and get destroyed along with the planet. According to him the bible is said to be functioning as a cosmic calendar which would give way to the future happenings that can be foreseen. He also says that the accurate calculations that he made with years of intense study gave way for him to reach to this conclusion.

Many churches around the world do not actually believe in Harold camping’s predictions. What is actually in store for us cannot be ascertained by anyone. In fact, no one can be very sure of when the earth or the universe will actually perish. With lots of natural calamities that disturb the normal living, the world will certainly reach a point of no return someday. And if we the people are not taking any steps to save our planet from global warming or any calamities for that matter, the world will perish soon. Instead of believing in all these hype, it is better to silently sit and watch what happens next. What so ever may happen, it creates a lot of harm with erroneous spreading of such type of information. So if you think the world might end, as being said by Harold camping, why bother so much about it? Just sit back relax and enjoy your precious time till we wake up to the dawn of May 21st.

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